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C/Carnicerías, 1 | San Vicente de la Sonsierra (La Rioja)




Live unforgettable experiences.

La Macana is more than a rural cottage, it’s a space designed to share and to enjoy special moments

That’s why, on the upper floor, we’ve created a multipurpose room for you to live personalized experiences.

Tell us what you’d like to do, and we’ll arrange it: food and wine events, wine tastings, a yoga class, ceramics workshop… or whatever you are interested in!

In addition to these in-house experiences, we can also recommend good places to visit, to enjoy good wines, and also some good restaurants and different cultural or sportive activities to do.

We love our region and we know everything about it. Besides, we are professionally related to the wine business, so we can recommend wine routes and special places considering your own preferences.

La Rioja is full of small hermitages, outstanding landscapes, and charming villages. And, of course, bodegas and restaurants where eating and drinking are great pleasures.

Enquire for further information and we’ll arrange what you prefer.

As you are in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, don’t hesitate to have a walk through its streets and its walled enclosure, go up to the castle and enjoy the marvellous landscape full of vineyards from its Main Tower. Probably, one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world… Visit the parish church of Santa María la Mayor, cross the medieval bridge…

Nearby the village, you can find the hermitage of Santa María de la Piscina, a Romanesque jewel with a medieval necropolis. In the area there are also some stone wine presses, the Neolithic Dolmen of Cascaja and the prehistoric poblado de la Nava.

Having a walk through the vineyards is also a pleasure. That’s the origin of the grapes used to elaborate some of the best wines in the world (San Vicente has more Parker points than inhabitants). There, you can also see numerous guardaviñas or chozos (vineyard guard posts) unique structures resembling a large stone igloo, with ancient origins, used to shelter workers.

San Vicente de la Sonsierra and its surroundings are full of tiny jewels we invite you to discover.

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